ALAA Infusion Breeding
Guidelines & Policies

ALAA Infusion Breeding Guidelines & Policies

The ALAA requirements for developing new bloodlines of Labradoodles and Australian Labradoodles are as follows: Applies to Cocker Spaniel, English and American, and Cockapoo Owners and Breeders with the intent to produce infusion litter

The breeder doing the infusion must be a member in good standing of the ALAA for at least the past 18 months and have bred and registered a minimum of four litters during this time frame.

Requirements for Registration:

Submit the Pedigree for Research and Pay the Pedigree Research Fee. Must be purebred-provable from an ALAA accepted registry.

Pay the Pedigree Research Fee. The PayPal button is located under the Breeder Fees & Forms page on the ALAA website.

If the Pedigree is approved, the dog can be registered by sending information and photo to:

Pay the Registration Fee. The PayPal button is located under the Breeder Fees & Forms page on the ALAA website.

Dog will be registered as “Limited” until health testing is submitted.

Submit photo of dog.

Health Testing Submissions Required Prior to Registering an Infusion Litter:

Hip Testing

Elbow Testing

ACVO Eye Testing (Must be current. A breeder must re-test every 18 months)

EIC Testing

PRA/prcd Testing

DNA Profile (not required if the dog being bred for infusion was registered with the ALAA prior to 1/1/2015)

Doodle Running

Litter Registration and Submission information:

Register litter

Permanent ID (tattoo or microchip) on all puppies in the litter



For Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, visit our ALAA Breeder Q&A

Note: All ALAA registrations rules and health testing are required to be adhered to. Any Cocker Spaniel or Cockapoo registered with the ALAA will need to be tested to the Gold Paw level. Any breeder who breeds a parent breed infusion without meeting the above requirements will have the litter rejected for registration and inclusion in the in the Australian Labradoodle breed and will be subjected to disciplinary actions. The penalty for noncompliance with any of the above requirements will be a $400 fine and mandatory desexing of the entire litter.

Note: If you are unsure if a pedigree is registrable or not, you can submit any pedigree for verification for a fee. Remember it is the responsibility of the Breeder Member to verify a pedigree prior to the use or purchase of said dog. The ALAA is not responsible for the registration of any dog that does not meet these requirements.