ALAA Past Breeder Roundtables

Past ALAA Annual Breeder Roundtables

October 2017: The 2017 ALAA Roundtable was held in New York City and was our largest to date - with 135 participants. The event was kicked off with a great Mix & Mingle followed by speakers Jane Killions of Puppy Culture, Myra Savant-Harris on Reproduction & Neonatal Care, Dr. Jared Bell on Pedigree Analysis, Genetic Diversity and Genetic Disease Control, Heather Clark on Quickbooks for Breeders, and Alyson Rodges on Aly's Pillars of Pack Leadership. It was great to be in the Big Apple and to be able to provide an east coast event that had been requested for many years.

October 2015: The 2015 ALAA Roundtable was held at the Embassy Suites in Orlando, FL. It was a great success with approximately 90 attendees from around the world. We networked at the meet and greet and learned a lot from our keynote speakers Gayle Watkins on Transformational Puppy Rearing Program and Rhonda Hovan about the Challenges Ahead. Member breeders had the opportunity to sponsor the event for the first time! It was a great event filled with educational and networking opportunities for all!

September 2014: The 2014 ALAA Roundtable was held at the Embassy Suites in Chicago, IL! It was a huge success with a total of 69 attendees from across the globe. From meet and greet socializing to the conference room, fun times were blended with learning experiences for all attendees. The speakers were wonderful and brought many thought provoking ideas to the table, which sparked many follow up conversations ranging from marketing tips to USDA laws to health testing decisions among breeders in our social media circles. Some very interesting and controversial thoughts and ideas about breeding and genetics were brought forward by the presentation from Rhonda Hovan. Julian Prager, an attorney, discussed the new USDA laws and how they will affect breeders and Bob Stefano gave excellent social media and marketing tips. A huge "Thank-you" to everyone who attended and helped make this event a fun and educational gathering of fellow friends and breeders!

February 2013:The ALAA first ever Winter Roundtable was held at the Embassy Suits Orlando-International Drive South/Convention, in Orlando Florida. April Cliber discussed the importance of photo editing and gave a demonstration on the use of photo editing using Pic Monkey. Pam Mc Carl presented proper strategies for photo taking and the use of different techniques and equipment, Heather Hale demonstrated the use of EZ kennel software, Carol Dean presented a live Artificial Insemination instruction and Alan Williamson of Pet Edge shared insight on how to better serve the pet owner! The Winter Roundtable also included a Meet and Greet, Raffle and open discussions. Thank you to everyone who attended and helped to make it another successful and informative event!!

September 2012: The 2012 ALAA Roundtable was held at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada. Alan Williamson of Pet Edge shared insight on key pet products. Dr. Keller conducted an informative seminar on OFA database information and breeding strategies. The festive weekend also included a roundtable discussion of open topics and a raffle. Thank you to everyone who attended and helped to make it another successful and informative program!

October 2011:The 2011 ALAA Roundtable was held at the Double Tree Hotel in Santa Monica, California. Pat Hastings presented her seminar, "Structure in Action," which combined her Puppy Puzzle presentation with a discussion of the value of structurally evaluating adult dogs being considered for a breeding program. The seminar was fantastic, with plenty of information for breeders serious about understanding structure.

October 2010:The 2010 ALAA Roundtable was held in Atlanta, Georgia, at the beautiful Omni Hotel at the CNN Center. The conference was a huge success and was well attended, just as in previous years. Jerry Hope presented his seminar, "The Breeder's Guide to Raising Superstar Dogs," which focused on helping breeders with techniques to provide an enriching environment for puppies, and on understanding how best to match puppies with families.

October 2009:The 2009 ALAA Roundtable was held in beautiful Seattle, Washington! This year's conference was attended by close to 60 breeders from around the United States and Canada. Guest speaker Myra Savant Harris provided tons of information about canine reproduction, whelping and puppy care. Myra has three wonderful books packed with the same information for novice and experienced breeders.

October 2008:This year’s roundtable was held in Austin, Texas, and was a smashing success! Thanks go to all of you – the attendees, the presenters and those who worked behind the scenes. It took all of you to make such a great experience. We received many wonderful comments and suggestions that helped to make the ALAA’s 2009 conference even better.

November 2007:Our second annual roundtable was held at the Reunion Resort in Orlando, Florida. More than 60 member breeders attended this year's event! Thanks to all who made it a wonderful success.

November 2006:The beautiful Reunion Resort in Orlando, Florida, was the location of our first ALAA breeder roundtable event. Twenty-two breeder members attended from all over the country. An ALAA romp was held in conjunction with the roundtable and took place on a 5-acre site at the resort. Famous animal trainer Joel Slaven was a guest speaker. About 80 people and 35 doodles attended.