ALAA Paw Reward Program

ALAA Paw Reward Program

The Silver and Gold Paws that appear next to qualified kennels reflect extra health testing for those breeding programs. At a minimum, all Breeder Members must submit hip and elbow clearances; additional testing, while voluntary, earns a breeder a Silver and/or Gold Paw reward.

The requirements for Silver and Gold Paw status are as follows:

Silver Paw

Silver Paw

In addition to the hip and elbow clearances required of all member breeders, an Eye Certification Registry Number from OFA must be submitted for all dogs in a breeder’s program in order to be awarded the Silver Paw logo. A breeder must re-test and resubmit clearance to retain the Silver Paw logo. Breeders must re-test each breeding age dog every 18 months and submit clearances to retain the Silver Paw.
Gold Paw

Gold Paw

In addition to the hip and elbow clearances required of all Member Breeders, the following tests are required to be awarded both the Silver and Gold Paw logos: an Eye Certification Registry Number from OFA, EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse) and prcd-PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) clearance. If status is verifiable via parent dog health test reports, the DNA test will be waived. Dogs with unknown EIC or PRA status must be tested. Test results for EIC and prcd-PRA will be accepted from all DNA testing labs the OFA accepts.

Health Testing Links:

Paw Print Gen
University of Minnesota

Parent dog test reports will allow your dog to be Cleared By Parentage for one or more tests. Check the ALAA Cleared By Parentage Graphic to see if this applies to the dog you are registering.

Notes on receiving Silver and Gold Paw logos

If you are a Labradoodle or Australian Labradoodle Breeder and would like to join as an ALAA Member Breeder:

Each member breeder is responsible for staying current on Paw program requirements. Paw logos will be removed automatically from a member’s listing if the breeder is behind on testing.

Member Breeders may request a formal exemption via a letter to the Dog Registrar or Quality Assurance officer. If a member breeder falls behind on testing and a Paw logo was removed from his or her listing, it will be reinstated once health testing is current to that Paw standard.

An exemption to health testing requirements may be requested from the Dog Registrar if a dog is purchased in whelp. The member breeder must send a contract of the purchase to the Dog Registrar stating such. An exemption will be granted for this whelp only if the dog is not tested to the same level as the other dogs in the member breeder’s program.

A Member Breeder participating in the Paw Rewards testing program must indicate in the litter description on their website if they hire an outside stud that is not tested to the same Paw level as the dogs in their own program. A minimum of hips and elbows are required for all dogs used in a Member Breeder’s program.

Yearly and random audits will be performed on each program participating in the Paw program.

For any dog owned by or bred by an ALAA Breeder, including outside stud dogs or leased bitches, health testing must be submitted for the Paw Rewards program, and hip and elbow testing requirements must be met, BEFORE the dog may be bred.

The Paw Rewards Program will be updated yearly to include current recommendations of the ALAA. Breeders will receive at least 6 months’ notice before any changes in testing requirements are implemented.